Monday, 1 December 2014

Signature Scent.

I have never been that interested in perfume. When I was in my late teens, I would either use what Mum had lying around, or head to the local chemist and buy whatever was on offer. 

The perfume I had been using until my recent switch was ‘Beckham Signature’ which is actually quite a nice fragrance but it started to feel too young on me. I wanted to find a signature fragrance that I could wear for the rest of my 20’s that felt sophisticated, but not too mature.

Now I’m a sweet fragrance girl through and through. There was a stage where I rocked Katy Perry Meow and I honestly smelt like the backroom of a sweet factory (in the nicest possible way).
So when I stumbled across this fragrance a couple of months ago, I wasn’t 100% convinced.

See by Chloe is a fragrance that cannot be described easily. Now that doesn’t really help my cause considering that I wanted to talk about it on here. But never fear, a little research never hurt anyone!

- Top notes of bergamot and apple blossom
- Heart notes of jasmine and ylang-ylang

- Base notes of vanilla and musk

What I love about this fragrance is that it is a perfect mixture of sweet and floral, without being over the top.  The base note of musk deepens the scent just a little to stop it from being too sickly.

All I know is I have found my signature scent and I couldn’t be happier!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Mac eyeshadow collection

Ok so I probably shouldn’t be calling 6 eyeshadows a ‘collection’ but you will eventually learn that eyeshadow isn’t really my jam. I’m more of a fresh base and punchy lip kinda girl.

However, I’ve come to learn that a sweep of eyeshadow across the lids can polish up a look and make it look like you’ve made a lot more effort than you probably have (lazy girls dream).

From bottom left clockwise:

Naked lunch
My favourite of the bunch, an easy wash-over the lid colour that adds a little sheen to the lids.

My current brow product of choice and a great crease colour to define a look.

All That Glitters
I whip this out if I’m looking for a little more sparkle and want to make a bit more effort.

I purchased this with Naked Lunch and I like using it as a subtle crease colour or as a wash of colour to just add definition.

Charcoal Brown & Satin Taupe
These two are reserved for stronger eye looks only and that’s why I’ve popped them into their own Mac palette. I must admit that these aren’t used very often, but they come into their own when used to create a smoky sultry eye look.

What does your Mac eyeshadow collection look like?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

hello there!

& thanks for dropping by my little space, jess&lola.

After forcing my dearest friends & family to listen to my beauty related ramblings for long enough, I finally decided to direct all said ramblings to my new blog.

This is a place where I will review products, collate beauty related porn & document my soon to be adventure into makeup artistry!

You will find a post pop up on my blog every Sunday so be sure to drop by & have a read!

and who is Lola you might ask...?